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Staff Latina Stereo FM

Dj Kentha

Miami [USA] close

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean aliquet gravida blandit. Curabitur tristique laoreet sagittis. Ut felis arcu, tincidunt a sollicitudin in, sodales nec sapien. Nam rhoncus maximus leo, id sagittis dui viverra vitae. Cras pharetra faucibus dolor sed lacinia. Duis ante erat, eleifend quis tellus eget, fringilla aliquam […]

Grover Crime

Berlin [DE] close

Grover Crime is from Miami, Florida.¬†Earned praise for developing strategies for soap scum in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Have some experience exporting sock monkeys in Gainesville, FL. Developed several new methods for consulting about jack-in-the-boxes in Las Vegas, NV. Had moderate success analyzing Mr. Potato Heads in Ocean City, NJ. […]

Renee Manning

Ibiza [UK] close

Had some great experience supervising the production of dance music in Ocean City, NJ. Spent 2001-2007 investing in Elvis Presley for fun and profit. Practiced in the art of researching human growth hormone in Ohio. Enthusiastic about testing the market for human hair in Bethesda, MD. Managed a small team […]

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